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Massage Therapy

    Our licensed massotherapist is particularly trained and experienced in treating people with neurological and neuromuscular problems. 

     Although therapeutic massage does not increase muscle strength, it can stimulate weak, inactive muscles and, thus, partially compensate for the lack of exercise and inactivity resulting from illness or injury. It also can hasten and lead to a more complete recovery from exercise or injury.

**An increasing number of research studies show that massage:                                                                     reduces heart rate                                                    lowers blood pressure                                             increases blood circulation and lymph flow           relaxes muscles and improves range of motion  increases endorphins (enhancing medical treatment)

**(source AMA)

      We use massotherapy to help our patients; to relax tense and tight muscles; to alleviate pain; and to help  improve range of motion and prepare the person for strengthening programs.

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