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 Eating stimulates areas of the brain that make people feel better.  The hypothalamus and satiety centers are located deep within the brain and are surrounded by the limbic system  which is responsible for all types of emotions.  Everything from rage (the amygdyla) to pleasure (the nucleus accumbens) is nearby.  It’s no wonder that many people have emotional cues that trigger eating. 


Many of these emotional triggers are literally and figuratively “unconscious”.  The thinking cognitive brain (the cerebral cortex) is at a distance from the feeding sites.  The cerebral cortex gives us reasoning capability and makes us human.  The cerebral cortex allows humans to inhibit animal-like behavior that originates in the limbic system. 


Unfortunately, in our hectic society the cerebral cortex often has little chance to intervene in feeding behavior.  This is because habits (brain tracks) between  the limbic system and the nearby feeding centers are fast and have been laid down and well-traveled for many years. 


To this primordial system, add social and cultural excesses, a constant Madison Avenue limbic system bombardment, and “fast food” — and the humble human,  merely trying to survive, has little chance in the battle of the bulge.


To try to change these brain pathways (mindset) is not an easy task.  It requires a strong cerebral cortex, commitment, and a disciplined program.


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