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Seizures are caused by electrical discharges from the brain which interfere with a persons activity.  Many famous people, including Julius Caesar, had seizures.   There are many different types of seizures.  Some seizures are  generalized convulsions with shaking and loss of consciousness and others are so– called partial seizures with staring and more complex symptomatology.  Seizures can be idiopathic (meaning we don’t know the cause of them) or can be due to scars or injuries to the brain or inherited.  They can also be due to tumors or vascular malformations or metabolic problems.  Anyone with seizures or possible seizures definitely needs a careful and thorough neurologic evaluation and care.

There are many medications (called anti-convulsants) to treat patients with seizure disorders. 

Seizures are diagnosed by taking a careful history and through brain wave recordings called electroencephalograms (or EEGs). Our electroencephalographic equipment  can do simultaneous video recording of patients while they have their EEGs.  In this way spells and seizures can be more accurately diagnosed and treated.  Many times patients will have seizures while they are sleeping.  Our laboratory has the capability of doing prolonged and all night EEG recordings and simultaneous all night polysomnography (sleep studies) to try to better delineate patients problems.

Our advanced EEG equipment can more accurately diagnose and treat our patients.


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