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Neuromuscular disorders are problems effecting the peripheral nerves and muscles. 

These include problems like:

 Peripheral neuropathies — diseases which cause damage to the nerves in the feet and hands.  Typically a patient will complain of numbness or burning sensations in the toes and feet and later in the hands.  There are literally hundreds of possible causes for peripheral neuropathies including diabetes, alcohol, thyroid diseases, vitamin deficiencies, toxins, heredity, etc, etc. 

Neuromuscular diseases include myasthenia gravis which is an autoimmune disease in which patients immune system attacks their own muscles. Specifically, they develop antibodies against the acetylcholine receptor. Patients with myasthenia have weakness and fatigue in their muscles, double vision, drooping eyelids difficulty swallowing. Myasthenia gravis is a very treatable disease.

Our neurologist is on the national scientific advisory committee of the Myasthenia Gravis Foundation of America and they can give you much more information about this disorder. Our neurologist works with other more rare diseases including metabolic muscle disorders, ALS and rippling muscle disease (see publications).


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