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            Diets Simply Don’t Work!

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There have been hundreds of studies on various diets to lose weight over the last 75 years — and none have been successful.  Thirty percent of Americans are obese and over fifty percent are overweight and the problem appears to be escalating. 


Trying to convince a person to restrict food intake is not an easy task. To many food is a source of joy, happiness, and contentment.   The idea of a restricted diet for a sustained period is quite simply “not palatable”.  Try to take food away from any living creature and expect a similar response. Sustained restriction of food intake, if not un-natural — is at the very least un-American.


There is overwhelming evidence of the detrimental effects of excessive weight and obesity on health.  Millions of intelligent people have obvious and serious medical problems caused by obesity (diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, etc.).   Many have previously tried to lose weight and failed (or lost weight only to regain it). 


Recognize the problem and causes

of excessive eating.


Commit time and resources to change lifestyle.


Follow a disciplined program.


    Many people who are overweight or obese have poor self-esteem.  Whether this is the cause of or result of their physiognomy in our thin-obsessed culture is academic.  The results are the same. “Eating to feel better”, emotional eating, and “unconscious eating” are common responses to stress.  Couple this mindset with extremely poor dietary habits, an abundance of horrendous nutritional resources and lack of exercise — and we have the deadly epidemic of obesity engulfing America.

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